Yeti can Koozie


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The YETI Standard Colster 2.0 keeps your drinks icy, fits various cans and bottles, seals with a quarter-turn gasket, and boasts robust steel construction with durable, crack-resistant Duracoat color.

Best Colster Review

The YETI Standard Colster 2.0 is the ultimate gift for Dad and beer enthusiasts alike. Whether it's standard 12 oz. cans, longnecks, or you're enjoying a refreshing beverage at a tailgate or scorching BBQ festival, this colster's got you covered. The Load-and-Lock gasket makes sealing a breeze with just a simple quarter-turn. Thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation, your drinks will stay incredibly cold even in triple-digit temperatures.

Dads and beer lovers will appreciate the YETI Thick Gauge Steel construction, making it super durable. No more worrying about accidental drops or dings. Plus, the Duracoat color finish not only adds a rugged, wild-ready aesthetic but also resists cracking and chipping.

So, if you're looking for a fantastic gift idea that combines quality, functionality, and style, the YETI Standard Colster 2.0 is a top choice. It's a versatile, essential accessory for anyone who loves keeping their beverages cold and their drinks enjoyable, making it a perfect present for those special beer-loving dads in your life.