Automatic Dog Treat Launcher


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WOPET Dog Camera D01 Plus: A Pet Camera with 5G WiFi Connectivity, Treat Dispensing Feature, 1080P HD Resolution Enhanced by Night Vision for Pet Surveillance. It Facilitates Two-Way Audio Interaction Tailored for Dogs and Cats, Enabling Remote Monitoring of Your Beloved Pets.

Automatic Pet Treat Launcher

Exciting Treat Dispensing: Delight your furry friend by remotely tossing their beloved treats using the phone app. Capture their attention with the built-in speaker and engage in interactive play, even when you're not physically at home. Watch them jump and chase treats while you shower them with praise!

Intelligent APP Management: The WOPET Smart Pet Camera seamlessly syncs with both 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi networks, granting you the ability to schedule and oversee your pet's meals from anywhere, anytime. You can see, communicate, play, and bond with your pet remotely. Stay connected with your pet through supported audio chat and recording, and share your cherished moments on social media if you wish.

Crystal-Clear 1080P HD Monitoring: With a high-definition video camera featuring 1080P resolution and a broad 165° viewing angle, the WOPET dog treats camera offers you the opportunity to observe and listen to your cherished pets' reactions when you're temporarily away. Additionally, the built-in camera supports night vision, ensuring clear visibility of your pets even in darkness.

Bidirectional Communication: Equipped with an advanced microphone and speaker, this pet camera facilitates clear two-way audio communication. This means you can listen, talk, and reward your pet with their favorite snacks or engage in play and interaction, regardless of your location. Not only can you monitor your home, but you can also issue voice commands, deter intruders, and converse with loved ones, even when you're absent.

Operating Tips: Effortless 3-Step Setup: 1) Plug the camera into a power outlet using its USB cord. 2) For Android users, search for "WOPET smart" on Google Play; for iOS users, search for "WOPET" on the App Store to download the app. 3) Connect to your home WIFI network. We recommend using treats that are 0.24-0.6 inches (6-15mm) in size to keep your dog excited and engaged in play with the Dog Treat Launcher, also known as the Snack Slinger Dog or Cat Treat Launcher.