Bogg Bag-Compatible Silicone Phone Holder


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Silicone Phone Holder: A Versatile Addition for Bogg Bags, with Soft Silicone Charm Insert, Ideal for iPhones and Android Phones

Designed for Bogg Bag Compatibility: This phone holder is tailor-made for use with Bogg Bags and can snugly accommodate your phone both inside and outside the holder. This cool gadget for your phone would be the perfect companion for a day at the beach, by the pool, during sporting events, or wherever you take your bag, ensuring easy access to your phone at any moment.

Crafted from Silicone: Manufactured using top-quality, robust silicone, this phone holder offers substantial thickness and sturdiness, providing reliable protection for your phone.

Generously Sized: Measuring 6.25x4.33x0.98 inches, this phone holder is spacious enough to accommodate a variety of phone sizes, even when they have protective cases. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, this holder has you covered.

Effortless Installation: Featuring two buttons on its back, this phone holder accessory can securely attach to any two adjacent holes on your bag. It seamlessly integrates, acting as a charming and secure addition.

Bonus Accessories: Each product includes two delightful complimentary charms, enhancing the visual appeal of your bag.

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"This product exceeded my expectations. I initially anticipated a rigid, hard plastic construction, but to my pleasant surprise, it's soft yet remarkably durable. It perfectly fits my iPhone 14 Pro, and I'm confident it would accommodate the larger 'Max' model just as comfortably. The bonus charms were a delightful extra touch, and their color perfectly matches my 'Carolina on my Mind' light blue Bogg Bag. I'm eager to explore more products from this brand, as I'm thoroughly impressed with their Bogg bag accessories."