Custom Voodoo Doll


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The voodoo doll makes an ideal present for that friend with a mischievous side. Simply provide an image of the person you'd like the doll to represent, and the enchantment unfolds as your friend inserts pins into the doll's most delicate regions. Just make sure the doll bears no resemblance to yourself!

Categories: Stocking Stuffers

Searching for a distinctive stocking stuffer, gag gift, or a random and quirky gift idea? Look no further than the voodoo doll, an unconventional and entertaining choice for those with a playful sense of humor. It's the perfect gift for that friend who enjoys a little mischief now and then.

The process is simple but amusing: provide a picture of the person you'd like the doll to resemble, and the magic begins. As your friend playfully inserts pins into the doll's most sensitive areas, it becomes a unique and hilarious outlet for their creativity and perhaps a bit of lighthearted mischief. However, be sure to emphasize that the doll should bear no resemblance to you, making the experience all the more intriguing and unexpected.

This voodoo doll isn't just a gift; it's an experience that will have your friend both laughing and wondering what unexpected twists await. With its humorous and unpredictable nature, it's a conversation starter and a fantastic addition to any stocking, offering a delightful dose of laughter and fun to your gift-giving festivities.