Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine


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The machine, using hydroxy water ion purification, quickly removes residues and harmful elements from fruits and vegetables without compromising nutrition. It's chemical-free, ensuring a safer choice for your family's health.

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This cutting-edge fruit and vegetable washing machine employ hydroxy water ion purification technology, generating OH- and H+ ions through water electrolysis. It rapidly degrades residues and harmful elements without compromising food nutrition, ensuring a chemical-free process for the health-conscious family.

Light & Portable: Compact and lightweight, this innovative device is easily stored and carried. Ideal for home kitchens, dorms, business trips, RV camping, or outdoor travel, it fits conveniently into kitchen sinks, vegetable baskets, and small bags, making it a cool gadget for those on the go.

Wireless Charging Design: With a built-in 3000mAh battery, wireless induction charging, and a non-slip charging base, this gadget is not only easy to use but also offers flexibility. Fully charged, it can be used 25 times, with a default 10-minute cycle. The wireless charging design adds to the device's cool kitchen gadgets collection, ensuring ease of use.

Safe & Durable: Operating at 5V without strong electricity, it features an IPX7 waterproof design, ensuring safety and stability. This gadget has a long service life, is noise-free, and operates without interference. Recommended water usage enhances its efficiency: once with 3L water, twice with 6L, and thrice with 8L.

Wide Range of Application: This innovative device not only purifies fruits, vegetables, meats, rice, and seafood but also effectively cleans tableware and kitchen utensils. Versatile and essential for kitchens and outdoor settings, it is a cool kitchen gadget that purifies over 99% of harmful residues in foods.

Invest in this innovative fruit and vegetable washing machine — a cool gadget that combines convenience and health for your kitchen and beyond.