Anti-Stress Plush Pillow


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Fun and functional desk accessory. Resembling the iconic 'Enter' key, it's both a stress-relief tool and a comfy nap companion. Plug it into your laptop, press for stress relief, or snooze on it. The perfect gift for tech enthusiasts and busy co-workers!

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The perfect stress relief and nap companion for your desk. Designed to look just like the iconic Enter key, this plush pillow not only adds a touch of geeky charm to your workspace but also serves as a stress-relief tool. Simply plug it into your laptop or computer, and when the day gets tough, slam that 'Enter' button to release your stress. Plus, it's so comfy that you can even catch a quick nap on it at your desk. It's a thoughtful gift for geeks and anyone dealing with those demanding workdays – a fun and functional addition to any workspace.