Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts


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A distinctive and thoughtful gift set for both baby girls and boys. This newborn package includes a charming elephant lovey, a wooden rattle toy, new baby bibs, socks, and a heartwarming greeting card. It's the perfect assortment of essentials for a baby shower or gender reveal gift basket.

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In the realm of opulence, we present the Leather Gifts Box - a true embodiment of luxury and sophistication.

This Baby gifts basket is more than a mere offering; it's an extravagant gesture. Inside this exquisitely curated ensemble, you'll discover a Flannel Baby Blanket, a Baby Elephant Security Blanket, an Elephant Wooden Rattle, whimsical Funny Baby Bibs, adorable Cute Baby Socks, a heartfelt Hello Baby Greeting Card, and, to encase it all, a resplendent LUXURY Baby Gift Box. This unique baby gift set stands as the epitome of newborn gifting, suitable for the most esteemed occasions, including baby showers for both girls and boys, gender reveal celebrations, tokens of affection for expecting friends, and even a new baby's inaugural Christmas basket.

Cozy baby blanket is a testament to our commitment to superior quality. It features environmentally-friendly and safe flannel fabric, caressing your little one with a microfiber softness that envelops them in warmth from head to toe. These baby snuggle blankets are crafted to evoke the same sense of security as a mother's embrace, their dimensions and contours perfectly suited for tiny hands. A built-in bell adds auditory delight, providing sensory stimulation.​

Elephant wooden rattle toys, sculpted from natural beech, embody both elegance and safety, absent of paint and burrs. The smooth edges make it a perfect grasping toy for inquisitive toddlers and a soothing bite for teething relief. Our 100% cotton funny baby bibs bear fashionable prints that harmonize effortlessly with your baby's attire, imbuing their wardrobe with a sense of whimsy and charm. The bib's playful inscription, 'I MAY BE SMALL, BUT I'M THE BOSS,' elicits smiles from all who behold it. The baby socks, adorned with endearing 3D stars, are designed to accommodate infants from 0 to 6 mont​hs

These are not just baby gifts; they are tokens of affection that can be accompanied by a heartfelt card or any other items on the baby registry, serving as vessels for your sincere wishes. Each baby gift set is fastidiously packaged to ensure its immaculate presentation. And, once all the treasures within have been explored and embraced, our leather gift box transforms into a splendid storage keepsake, capturing the cherished moments of your baby's growth in a vessel of timeless beauty."