Glow in the Dark Crystal


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Experience the wonder of growing your own colossal, glow-in-the-dark crystal swiftly with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Jumbo Crystal Growing Kit. This kit offers a hands-on science experience, allowing kids to cultivate their crystals.

Grow your own crystal!

Discover an amazing crystal-making kit for kids that's truly exceptional! Cultivate a remarkable crystal, three times larger than those in our other crystal growth sets, and receive a captivating fluorite specimen. It's a captivating geology experience that makes for creative gifts for kids.

What's even more exciting than growing your own crystal? Growing one that illuminates in the dark! Witness the awe-inspiring jumbo glowing crystal with the lights off. This crystal growing kit is an unforgettable STEM toy, perfect for imaginative gifts for kids.

Introducing kids to crystal science is a breeze with our user-friendly instructions. They'll mix, pour, and observe the formation of this colossal crystal, all while delving into crystal science through our comprehensive learning guide.

This jumbo crystal growing lab is a fantastic gift for both boys and girls. Growing their crystals will be a cherished memory. It's an ideal choice for thoughtful and creative gifts for kids.

Our commitment to crafting high-quality educational toys shines through in this kit. We stand behind our products with exceptional service, ensuring a stellar experience for all. Choose this crystal-making kit for an extraordinary gift that sparks curiosity and learning in kids.