GPS Tracker for Pets


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Introducing the Vebiso GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats: A Compact GPS Pet Tracker Providing Real-Time Location Monitoring, Smart Activity Tracking (iOS Exclusive), No Ongoing Subscription Costs, and Compatibility with Apple Find My.

NO MONTHLY FEES, APPLE FIND MY COMPATIBLE— Our dog GPS tracker offers complete freedom from service charges or monthly subscriptions. It's a pet locator that provides continuous real-time monitoring, enabling you to accurately pinpoint your pet's location and track its movement in real time. This allows you to keep a vigilant eye on your furry friend's whereabouts, preventing them from getting lost or stolen.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH APPLE FIND MY — With just a single tap, this dog and cat tracker instantly pairs with the Apple Find My app on your iOS devices. This connection allows you to effortlessly track your beloved pet's every move in real-time, directly on your phone. You can also view their recent locations using this advanced dog GPS tracker.

LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE, LONG BATTERY LIFE — Our dog GPS tracker is a compact and robust device. It boasts durability and resilience. Powered by a replaceable CR2032 button battery, it offers an exceptionally long standby time of over 12 months, ensuring long-term use without frequent battery changes.

FITS ALL DOG AND CAT COLLARS — This mini GPS tracker for dogs and cats is versatile and can be securely attached to their collars. It's also suitable for clipping onto school bags, waist bags, backpacks, or any items that match its size. Say goodbye to worries about losing your pets or belongings. It provides reliable protection for your pets, children, and parents.

COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE DESIGN — Unlike other cat and dog trackers, our Vebiso pet tracker case is crafted from soft silicone, ensuring that your pet won't feel its presence. Meanwhile, the tracker itself is constructed from highly durable materials, ensuring stable and long-lasting performance.