Inflatable Crayons


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Check out these fantastic 44-inch tall inflatable crayons, available in a pack of four with assorted vibrant colors. These lively hues make them a great choice as a fun party favor, prize, or gift for ages 3 and above.


Product Details: You'll receive a set of four inflatable crayons in assorted colors! Each crayon stands tall at 44 inches when fully inflated, suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

Creative Decorations: These oversized crayons can serve as creative decorations for classrooms, school fairs, and birthday parties, adding a touch of whimsy and color to any space.

Cool Kids Gift: Planning a unique dress-up day or searching for a cool kids' gift? Look no further. These inflatable crayons are not only adorable and bright but also a perfect choice for making little ones laugh and play.

Party Fun and Prizes: Hosting a birthday party for your young one? Hand out these crayons as party favors, making every child's day more exciting as they take home a funny kids gift. Likewise, if you need a clever idea for a classroom prize, these unique crayons can be a fantastic choice, bringing fun and uniqueness to any class party or school fair.