Jar of Fucks


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Get ready for a hilarious and lighthearted gift experience with the 2023 'Jar of Fs'! This 9-ounce jar comes complete with a 'F Gold Coin,' making it the ultimate fun gift and a go-to for unforgettable fun gags. Perfect for Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Friends, Husbands, and Wifey, it's a guaranteed way to share a laugh and remind them that you do give a 'F***' in the most entertaining way possible.

?Stress-Busting "F*** Jar"?: Feeling the weight of stress and worry? Well, we've got a unique solution. Let our wooden "F***" take care of those negative vibes. You can either toss it aside or simply gaze at it to find calm and conquer the daily stressors.

?Positive Energy Tokens?: When life gets tough, reach for our "F*** Jar" to release that pent-up stress and maintain your inner peace. Don't let stress take over your day; keep cool and let the "F*** Jar" work its magic.

?The Ultimate "F*** Gift"?: "JAY OF F***" is the perfect stress-relief present, a delightful and fun gift suitable for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, classmate, or friend, the "Give a F***" gold coin is a gift that will amuse humorists and collectors alike.

?Uniquely Humorous Keepsakes?: For the most one-of-a-kind items in town, explore our range of "F*** Monograms" and "F*** Coins."

?Quality You Can Trust?: Our "F***" products are crafted from sustainable, non-endangered tree species, ensuring a smooth, durable, and eco-friendly creation. Your well-being is our priority, just like not giving a "F***.