Lazer Trap Alarm


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A secure laser alarm toy designed for young spies to safeguard their belongings. This stealthy infrared beam spy gadget, suitable for both boys and girls, serves as a motion sensor and detector plaything.

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Junior Secret Agent's Protective Device: This spy toy kit includes a set of three laser beam traps, allowing young spies to create customized invisible barriers for their secret missions.

Tailored Traps for Young Spies: The motion alarm toy is adjustable up to 360 degrees, enabling kids to craft personalized security setups around their prized possessions.

Customizable Alert System: With the spy alarm toy kit, you can choose between sound or flashing light alerts when an intruder breaches the invisible barrier, notifying junior spies of potential threats.

Engaging Junior Secret Agent Role Play: Worried about leaving your spy gear unprotected? These laser sensors can work up to 4 feet apart, offering ample flexibility for various setup options.

Prepare for Future Missions: Collect all 28 SpyX toys for the ultimate junior spy, detective, or ninja activities! These spy toy gifts make perfect presents for boys and girls on occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays.