Mini Toothpick Crossbow


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Experience archery entertainment in a compact form with our Mini Compound Bow and Arrow set. This pocket-sized bow is perfect for both indoor and outdoor shooting practice, providing endless fun with its included arrows.

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Unlock a world of fun and adventure right at your fingertips with our Mini Compound Bow and Arrow set, an ingenious office or home toy that doubles as a fascinating gadget. This pint-sized wonder brings the excitement of archery to your workspace or living space, offering a unique blend of entertainment and skill-building right at your convenience.

Whether you're looking to infuse some fun into your work breaks or you simply want an exciting indoor pastime, this mini bow and arrow set has got you covered. It's the perfect solution for when you need a quick escape from the daily grind without leaving your desk or the comfort of your home.

Designed to be the ultimate stress-buster and conversation starter, this gadget combines the thrill of archery with the convenience of portability. Challenge your colleagues to some friendly target practice in the office or bond with family and friends over indoor shooting competitions. The included arrows make it easy to get started, and you'll be amazed at how much entertainment this little wonder can provide.

Incorporate a touch of fun and adventure into your life with this versatile mini compound bow and arrow set. It's a great way to unwind, engage in friendly competitions, and make your office or home an even more enjoyable and lively space.