Multifunction Kitchen Spatula Rack



The AIERSA Multifunction Kitchen Spatula Rack is a versatile kitchen tool that serves as both a spoon rest with a lid holder and an utensil rest for your stove top. It's a practical accessory for your countertop, offering a convenient solution for keeping your cooking utensils, spatulas, ladles, and pot lids organized. This kitchen gadget is designed to enhance your cooking experience with functional and handy features.

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Practical Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking - Are you tired of dealing with kitchen counter clutter while cooking? This spoon and lid rest offers a smart solution to your countertop woes. It keeps pot lids and utensils conveniently at hand, preventing any mess or stains on your kitchen surface. If you're working with limited kitchen space, this stove top spoon rest is a must-have.

Effective in Maintaining a Clean Stove Top - A messy, wet stove top can be frustrating. Our spoon rest is thoughtfully designed with a drip pad that not only holds pot lids, spoons, and cooking utensils but also collects condensation and prevents stains from sticking to the stove top. It's a handy companion during cooking, and it simplifies the cleaning process.

Accommodates Various Pot and Lid Sizes - Many households have pots and pans of different sizes. This pot lid holder can securely hold lids up to 15.7 inches without the risk of them falling off.

Versatile and Organizing - This spoon holder is multifunctional, capable of accommodating pot lids, spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, and other cooking tools, helping you maintain an organized cooking countertop. The spacious drip tray can also double as a mini food tray.

User-Friendly and Easy to Clean - Our kitchen counter spoon rest is crafted from food-grade materials, ensuring it's safe for direct contact with food. It's easy to clean; you can rinse it or place it directly in the dishwasher. When it comes to storage, it can be folded to save space, as shown in the picture.