Snow Globe Advent Calendar


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Remove and assemble the parts of the Christmas night light, positioning it wherever you prefer. Over 24 days in this Christmas advent calendar, your kids will discover an array of adorable tiny Christmas ornaments to place inside the glass dome as decorations each day.

Looking for a creative gift for the upcoming Christmas season? Consider a unique Christmas advent calendar for 2023 that doubles as a cool lamp. This inventive present combines the joy of counting down to Christmas with a touch of whimsical décor.

The calendar features an engaging setup: each day, for 24 days leading up to Christmas, your children unwrap and discover an assortment of charming, tiny Christmas ornaments. These mini treasures are perfect for adorning the glass dome of a specially designed lamp, turning it into a delightful holiday display.

The magic unfolds as the days pass, and the lamp gradually transforms into a radiant Christmas centerpiece, each ornament adding its own sparkle and character to the evolving scene. It’s not just a countdown; it's an interactive, decorative experience that engages kids and adults alike.

What makes this advent calendar truly stand out is its versatility. Beyond the holiday season, the lamp remains a chic and eye-catching piece of home décor, ensuring its usefulness well beyond Christmas.

It's a cool lamp that’s more than just a light source; it's a vessel for cherished moments and a unique way to mark the days leading up to the most wonderful time of the year. A gift that's both imaginative and practical, bringing joy not just during the holiday season but all year round.